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Now Processing Marijuana For Licensed Maine Medical Caregivers, Dispensaries And Patients!

Tricann processes marijuana for licensed Medical Caregivers, Dispensaries and patients in Maine. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality ethanol extracts. We offer a free consultation to help educate in our ethanol extraction processes and to ensure that you are providing patients or yourself with the highest quality full spectrum extracts possible.

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What You Can Expect

Free Consultation: Before we begin processing for you, Tricann offers a free consultation; post-processing feedback to help optimize your product and training on what you should have your marijuana processed into, and more!

Quick Turnaround: Tricann offers a quick turnaround time. To optimize our quality and wait time, we will only accept your marijuana to process if we can provide it to you under a 2 week time frame.

Quality: Every run of your product gets the same treatment our lab gives our own. We use rigorous steps to quality control every run to produce only the cleanest, freshest full spectrum cannabis extract. Yields are determined by the quality of product received.

Variety: We offer numerous options for your final end product to best suit your patients needs.

  • Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil Extract
  • Cooking Oil
  • Pre-filled Vape Cartridges
  • Concentrates (Batter, Crumble, Dabs, Geodes, Pixie Dust, Shatter, etc.)

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We maintain the same care and integrity using material as we do our own.
  • We provide valuable feedback upon the first delivery and are always available to help you optimize product options.
  • We do not take in product that cannot be run within a reasonable time frame. Your product will never sit in our lab for weeks, deteriorating in quality. We generally run your material within 24-72 hours of receiving it, and return it within 2 weeks.
  • We offer very competitive pricing, as business owners ourselves, we understand the value of providing your patients and yourself with medicine that allows you to help others and yourself at a lower cost.

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For Your Information

  • Your final product is a result of the product you supply: As the quality of the starting material accounts for up to 85% of the quality of the concentrate, we are not responsible for the output. Whatever the quality of the product you provide, we will return commensurate concentrate.
  • We do not process for non-licensed individuals: Please do not contact us if you are not registered to grow, sell and/or medicate with marijuana.
  • Pricing varies depending on volume, runs, and type of material.

Why Use Super-cooled Ethanol Extraction?

  • Full spectrum extracts with many of the plant’s natural terpenes (flavor and aroma) and flavanoids (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and anti-cancer compounds).
  • Wax and lipid free product without post processing.
  • Ethanol is natural and is distilled from grain like corn. So, ethanol rendered concentrates are completely natural, free of hydrocarbon toxins and are environmentally safe.
  • Using super-cooled ethanol allows for the retention of cannabinoid acid forms which can become “shatter”, THCa/CBDa “crystals”, “batter” or THCa/CBDa oral formulations.
  • Ethanol extraction kills any mold or bacteria present in the plant material.



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